Tremble + Our Father ( Spontaneous ) // Upper Room Music

Phone Screen
Laptop Wallpaper
Facebook Cover

Click images to preview and download.

Listen to song here >

[Worship wallpaper designed from “Tremble + Our Father “( Spontaneous ) by Upper Room Music for your phone screen, laptop wallpaper, and Facebook cover.]



  1. I love all of your work! I really like this idea of worship wallpapers.. I’ve always wanted to find a website like this. Thank you! Hope you will post more soon.


  2. Hey Guys, my name is Ayden and I have some wallpaper requests for you. (Don’t know if you take those but oh well!) I habe used your website to find spuritually inspiring wallpapers for a year now and I live your work! That being said, I would massivley appreciate if you could make wallpapers for:

    Reckless Love ~ Cory Asbury (Or Garments, on his new album)

    Control ~ 10th Ave. North

    Thank you so much for hearing my feedback, keep up the good work! Hope my requests are possible projects for ya’ll to create haha.


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